Lucky Brand Bohemian Necklaces
Lend a dramatic edge infused with laid-back vintage appeal to the neckline with off-beat bohemian necklaces from Lucky Brand. The perfect piece of jewelry can instantly transform an outfit, and this unique collection delivers. Discover the many striking styles such as the bold edginess of beaded or leather chokers as well as the cool sculpted silhouettes of natural objects in the statement fan or lariat pieces.

Capture the on-trend earthy and flowing vibe by layering several boho necklace styles together for unmatched and self-assured looks. Effortlessly achieve signature styles by mixing it up with different textures such as silver, gold, leather and beading that will lend intriguing and contrasting color that stands out against monochrome outfits.

A versatile boho statement necklace works with virtually anything, from a flowing dress to a tee and jeans. Convey that free-spirited attitude of the season by wearing a stunning bohemian style necklace from Lucky Brand.