Breaking New Ground

Lucky Brand Breaking New Ground
Lucky Brand's Breaking New Ground collection is all about testing the limits of established aesthetics. This is where sophistication meets innovation. These bold and distinctive styles breathe new life into time tested style inspirations, such as denim on denim and powerful prints. Featuring the most imaginative silhouettes and daring designs, every piece in this special collection is an unapologetic celebration of progressive chic. Crafted with the finest materials and showing off exciting new cuts and embellishments, options from this collection can instantly upgrade your everyday looks. Create a polished yet urban look with a new spin on double denim or build a platform for your most attention grabbing statement pieces with tonal clothing. Lucky Brand's Breaking New Ground line is inspired by the trendsetters and intended to take your wardrobe options to a new level. Evolve your personal style with designs from Lucky Brand's dynamic new collection of styles today.