Lucky Brand Mens Suede Jacket

Shop this inspired line at Luck Brand and find the right men's suede jacket for your individual personality, style and attitude. When the temperature starts to drop, you'll find yourself reaching for these creations. Designed in Los Angeles, these well-made men's suede leather jackets blend authentic American vibes with modern Californian sensibilities. These brilliant coats are always fashionable; from watching the sunset on the tailgate of a rusty pickup truck parked at an isolated beach with your loved ones, to walking down that hip strip of shops and restaurants on a crowded Saturday afternoon.

Lucky suede jacket men expect the same high standards for their outerwear as they expect from their jeans-nothing but the best. You'll appreciate the attention to detail paid to every last stitch of these attractive jackets. Pair a suede jacket for men with your favorite denim jeans and add a hat and scarf when winter hits. You'll look fantastic and feel warm and comfortable in these amazing garments.