We are running low on money clips, but here is a selection of accessories that may interest you also.
Lucky Brand Money Clip
For years, the full-size wallet was the standard for men, but the sleek and streamlined cuts that define the most modern looks nearly makes its bulky, oversized profile obsolete. That's why Lucky Brand has a great selection of money clips that allow today's men to stay organized on the go while preserving the clean lines of their favorite looks.

They have men's money clip options in antique gold, weathered silver and other attractive, eye catching metallic finishes. These money clips for men are designed with intricate detailing and are made with a full metal construction and durable plating for a distinctive look that lasts. These money clips are more than just a holder for your cash and cards, they're a statement of confidence and a perfect complement to your rugged yet laid back style.

Shop Lucky's selection today to find the metal money clip you'll be carrying every day for years.