Ornamental Conifer

Lucky Brand Ornamental Conifer
This high profile visual artist uses shapes, colors and textures as a form of communication. His unique hand lettering styles have made his sign painting works into some of the most popular and in-demanded pieces in the world today. Lucky Brand celebrates his vision and signature touch with the Ornamental Conifer line of exclusive artist inspired apparel.

Taking cues from his world famous exhibitions of street-style art, these one of a kind pieces celebrate a creative lifestyle and legacy. Only a few selected individuals own a painted leather jacket from this innovator, but these custom designed products are wearable art in their own right. The painted denim jacket is another favorite medium for his perspective, and Lucky's collection reflects his signature aesthetic and talented artwork.

Until you can get your hands on an authentic hand painted jacket, these pieces symbolize the artist's attitude toward his work, his generation and American life.