Silver Bracelets

Lucky Brand Silver Bracelets
The right jewelry is the perfect finishing touch to your look, and Lucky Brand has a great selection of silver bracelets that do the trick. Shop the collection for silver charm bracelet, cuff, or bangle with intricate details and personality. A simple silver bracelet perfectly accents any ensemble, whether it's a laid-back look like jeans and a tee or an elevated ensemble for a special occasion.

Choose one with colorful details like opulent stones or shimmering embellishments, or choose one that's sleek and understated elegance. Make a bold statement with a chunky silver bracelet with artful engravings that show originality. No matter what you choose, each piece showcases quality craftsman ship and exudes effortless style inspired by the genuine, carefree spirit of the American west coast.

You can't go wrong with any of these bracelet styles, and they're sure to become your new everyday favorites in your jewelry box.