We are running low on teardrop jewelry, but here is a selection of jewelry that may interest you also.
Lucky Brand Teardrop Jewelry
The unmistakable glimmer and flattering silhouettes of teardrop jewelry has made it a standby in the modern accessory rotation, and Lucky Brand has a great selection of styles. Crafted with durable materials and extended wear plating, this jewelry is designed to look great for the long haul. These designer silhouettes feature bold touches such as colorful stones and two-tone metallic blends as well as subtle touches like filigree detailing and pave designs.

Take a vibrant ensemble to the next level with this eye catching statement jewelry or pump up the visual appeal in a basic look by adding one of these unique pieces to your collection. A teardrop necklace is sure to stand out when paired with a wool sweater or little black dress. Teardrop pendant necklaces draw attention to the face and neck, accentuating your strongest features.

A teardrop bracelet adds motion, depth and drama to your look, instantly upgrading even the most unremarkable outfit.