Lucky Brand Tiered Necklace
Say yes to texture with a Lucky Brand tiered necklace. Revive simple pieces like a button-up blouses, plaid shirts and yes, even T-shirts with the help of a 3 tier necklace. With a tiered necklace, the layering is done for you. No searching for what necklaces work together or keeping up with multiple pieces of jewelry.

A 2 tier necklace lends dimension and texture with ease. Kick things up a notch with a triple tier necklace. The look is fashion-forward and instantly makes things look pulled-together. It's that jewelry piece that makes a statement and serves as the focal point of any outfit. Push your fashion boundaries with a taste of this cool trend that's making the rounds in our favorite fashion magazines and blogs.

A mix of beading, smooth and hammered metal create a showstopping look that works during every season. Try one over a sweater or a tank. This is the necklace that always works.