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August 2013
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All American
All American

Introducing the inaugural issue of our online journal


Your how-to-wear-it guide to the best new trends

National Treasures
National Treasures

Tap into the heritage of fall's most indispensable it-items

Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes

Go on set with Mario Sorrenti at the making of our fall film

Style Files
Style files

Take a few sartorial cues from one of our favorite icons, Lauren Hutton

Craft Talk
Craft talk

Travel with us to North Carolina's White Oak Mill

Riveting Right Now
Riveting right now

Tap into our new flicks, art picks and of-the-moment mix

Indie Index
Indie index

Your chic cheat sheet to little known musical landmarks

Ritual Habitual
Ritual habitual

Model Missy Rayder reveals her secret talismans

Local Loves
Local loves

Venice Beach, decoded for all of your daytripping needs

Lucky Genes
Lucky genes

Meet Style Director Karin Cole and her California-cool kids

National Treasure
Number 1

The leather jacket

Still so suggestive of wild child antics in 1973, the leather jacket was deemed too racy by ABC execs for the first 13 episodes of Happy Days, though after hard lobbying by Henry Winkler aka Arthur Fonzarelli, they finally allowed the Fonz to wear one, though only when shown with his motorcycle. That exact leather jacket is now the only of its kind on display at the Smithsonian.
National Treasure - Leather Jacket
Number 2

The tee

Named for its T-shaped outline, the original cotton T-shirt first appeared as a staple when the U.S. Navy declared it regulation underwear for all marines in 1913. It wasn’t until 1951 when Marlon Brando sported a white cotton crewneck as a symbol of his raw, stripped-down vulnerability in A Streetcar Named Desire that t-shirts entered the mainstream as fashion, and appeared on the likes of James Dean, spawning Brando to accuse Dean of “wearing my last year’s wardrobe and using my last year’s talents.”
National Treasure - The Tee
Number 3

The Jean

Though denim as workwear dates back to the Gold Rush era when miners sported dungarees for their rugged durability, it wasn’t that long ago that jeans made the leap to becoming a fashion essential. “Designer” denim first appeared in the pages of Vogue in 1978, the same year The Washington Post declared the "Year of the Status Jeans" a hallmark turning point when jeans evolved from anti-establishment apparel for hippies, teens and rebels to the style calling card of Americans everywhere, from presidents to Brooke Shields
and everybody in between.
National Treasure - Denim
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