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August 2013
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All American

Introducing the inaugural issue of our online journal


Your how-to-wear-it guide to the best new trends

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National Treasures

Tap into the heritage of fall's most indispensable it-items

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Behind the scenes

Go on set with Mario Sorrenti at the making of our fall film

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Take a few sartorial cues from one of our favorite icons, Lauren Hutton

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Travel with us to North Carolina's White Oak Mill

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Tap into our new flicks, art picks and of-the-moment mix

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Your chic cheat sheet to little known musical landmarks

Ritual Habitual
Ritual habitual

Model Missy Rayder reveals her secret talismans

Local Loves
Local loves

Venice Beach, decoded for all of your daytripping needs

Lucky Genes
Lucky genes

Meet Style Director Karin Cole and her California-cool kids

Ritual Habitual - Model Missy Rayder

Model Missy Rayder

From famously shaving her head and eyebrows for Marc Jacobs’ 2002 runway show to gracing the cover of nearly every major magazine, fashion-world maverick Missy Rayder relentlessly proves the beauty of risk-taking, and of following one’s own gut instincts. We caught up with the Manhattanite mom to find out what lucky symbols and daily essentials she relies upon to carry her through a life less ordinary.

Ritual Habitual

Clover: You travel constantly. Any lucky charms you take with you?

Missy Rayder: I never leave home without my little bronze Kali goddess, given to me by a great friend. She is the goddess of time, change and destruction and she is beyond all false consciousness. She isn’t exactly a beauty but she does the trick.

C: Any superstitions you swear by?

MR: Superstition is a strange thing that I must admit I participate in on occasion. I have internal dialogues quite often that are superstitious in the way that they have a repetitive tone. Of course, I tend to do this more in times of uncertainty or in phobic situations which essentially is what superstition is about - believing that a practice of some sort can change your destiny.

C: What are your beauty rituals?

MR: I use Tracie Martyn cleanser, exfoliant and moisturizer. I also try to drink a lot of water and don't leave the house without sunscreen on.

C: Is there a spot in the world you think of as lucky?

MR: New York - everything great and horrible has happened to me here.

C: What's your lucky number and what is its significance?

MR: 21. My birthday is June 21st and for some reason this number has always followed me, whether it’s my hotel room number or I look at the clock, 21 always seems to be around.  I like to think it’s lucky. I know that may be superstitious!

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