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Lucky Brand Clover #01
A style guide for culture lovers
August 2013
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All American
All American

Introducing the inaugural issue of our online journal


Your how-to-wear-it guide to the best new trends

National Treasures
National Treasures

Tap into the heritage of fall's most indispensable it-items

Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes

Go on set with Mario Sorrenti at the making of our fall film

Style Files
Style files

Take a few sartorial cues from one of our favorite icons, Lauren Hutton

Craft Talk
Craft talk

Travel with us to North Carolina's White Oak Mill

Riveting Right Now
Riveting right now

Tap into our new flicks, art picks and of-the-moment mix

Indie Index
Indie index

Your chic cheat sheet to little known musical landmarks

Ritual Habitual
Ritual habitual

Model Missy Rayder reveals her secret talismans

Local Loves
Local loves

Venice Beach, decoded for all of your daytripping needs

Lucky Genes
Lucky genes

Meet Style Director Karin Cole and her California-cool kids

Riveting Right Now Riveting Right Now - American Beauty

Best in Books

by Genevieve Bahrenburg for Assouline
Re-Releases this September

“I’m basically a feminist. I believe women can do whatever they decide to do.”
-Grace Kelly

Pairing the advice and witticisms of past icons with portrait’s of today’s new ingenues, this glossy tome encapsulates a century’s worth of American style as epitomized by more than 100 trendsetters, from scenester musician Solange Knowles to equestrian socialite Georgina Bloomberg, Vogue editor Margaret Melling Burke and multifaceted model Lily Aldridge.

Riveting Right Now - Prince Avalanche

Film Favorite

PRINCE AVALANCHE Premieres August 9
"This was a small, quirky, cool story. And I definitely liked the idea of going into the woods for a while with these cameras and seeing what might come out of it."
-Paul Rudd

Cult director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, All the Real Girls) says he based his new indie bromance on an Icelandic film, and on two characters he knows very well: “me and me.” Pitting Paul Rudd as an austere ruminator against a mousy Emile Hirsch in the middle of wildfire-ravaged Texas, Green allows for an unlikely friendship to develop between the two as they immerse themselves in their shared occupation: painting traffic lines along the highway. Intimate and sly, Prince Avalanche is our pick for the summer’s sleeper hit.

Riveting Right Now - Gallery

Gallery Go-to

Made in space at gavin brown enterprise,
Closes August 10
"We started out wanting to put together a group show that would reflect the diverse approaches to art in Los Angeles"
-Laura Owens
Made in Space curator

A mini-galaxy of the best of the left coast’s experimental leanings is on display at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in New York, featuring works by more than 30 Los-Angeles-based artists from sculptor Hannah Greely to conceptual artist Michael Decker, as curated by Angeleno heavyweights Laura Owens and Peter Harkawik. Engendered, in part, as a reaction to New York’s artworld egomania, the group show reflects Southern California’s ever-expanding cosmos of established and emerging artists.

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