Social Impact + Sustainability

As a denim brand, we’re aware of the impact the apparel industry has on the environment. While we
understand that there's still a long way to go, we believe that progress can be made every day. As a
company, we're assessing how we can do things differently and want to be transparent throughout the
process. As we move forward with initiatives on corporate social responsibility, we’ve chosen to focus on:


fabric mills fabric mills

fabric mills

We work with innovative denim mills, such as Candiani, a market leader in recycling, limiting
waste, and eliminating hazardous substances in denim fabric.

factories factories


100% of vendors have signed our code of conduct and 99% of our manufacturing partners
provide reputable third-party audits, like WRAP, Intertek-WCA, and SMETA through our mutual
recognition program to reduce audit fatigue.

laundries laundries

laundries and Finished Garment Factories

Our laundries and finished garment factories are finding innovative ways to reduce energy,
water, and chemical use through solar panels, water treatment facilities, and laser technology
creating denim effects with less water and chemical abrasives without hand sanding.

fabric fabric

Fabric - Raw Materials

Our choice to select raw material can increase water and energy savings while reducing emissions and
waste. That’s why our designers love TENCEL™ Lyocell and Refibra™, both made in a closed-loop process
with high resource efficiency. TENCEL™ Lyocell is made from renewable wood forests, making it
biodegradable in the soil and marine environments. TENCEL™ x REFIBRA ™ uses 30% recycled cotton
waste from garment production mixed with wood pulp to reduce textile waste in landfills.

trims trims


In 2019, we regionalized PU patches, zippers, shanks/rivets, labels/hangtags,
paper, and leather patches, which reduced air and ocean emissions when shipping
these trims to our global partner factories.


As a Los Angeles company, we ground ourselves in our LA roots by engaging with the local community to organize
awareness campaigns, volunteer programs, and givebacks. Some of the organizations we partnered with include:

santa monica college's fashion department

We donated our sample scraps and textile waste which
students transformed into unique designs for the 2019 LA
Mode Fashion Show.

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river LA cleanup

We collaborated with the nonprofit on a t-shirt design to
raise awareness on its mission to integrate design and
infrastructure to bring people, water and nature together
across all 51 miles of the LA River.

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the shower of hope

Employees volunteered with the organization, which
provides haircuts, showers, hygiene kits, and access to
services for hundreds of guests without homes every week.

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at our HQ

We committed to support four of the UN Sustainable
Development Goals: ensure healthy lives and promote
well-being for all; increase water-use efficiency and improve
water quality by reducing pollution; reduce waste generation
by prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse; and take
urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

in our stores

All new stores are retrofitted with LED lighting to save
energy. We’ve updated our new construction process to
ensure we only use low emission building materials and will
salvage and reuse building materials, trims, decorations, and
furniture where possible.

The amount of waste we’re reducing from going to landfills in 2020:

stats banner stats banner

cartons of textile scraps

stats banner stats banner

paper plates and bowls

stats banner stats banner

paper coffee cups

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stats banner stats banner

plastic water cooler cups

stats banner stats banner

coffee stirrers

The Map The Map

Apparel International

Sustainability programs include a worker well being program, solar energy collection, and ozone technology for water conservation


Initiatives include the use of 100% US cotton, liquid indigo to reduce chemicals, and ECO finishing technology to conserve water

Top Jean

Water conservation measures include laser distressing, ozone techology, and onsite wastewater management

Cone Denim®

Sustainable fabrics leader with a holistic start-to-finish approach to making responsible denim


A market leader in recycling, limiting waste, and eliminating hazardous substances as key parts of product lifecycle management


A worker well being program paired with energy saving measures that include biomass fueling and LED lighting


Greenhouse gas emissions across their 19 factories, offset by three wind power plants, have attained net zero status

Red & Blue

Conservation measures include a hanger drying system and wastewater treatment facility onsite

Working closely with carefully chosen denim mills and factories around the world, Lucky is
dedicated to bringing sustainable practices and conservation efforts to the forefront of our denim
production. We’re not completely there yet, but we’re making progress every day.

green business

We are a certified LA Green Business, a program
by the City of Los Angeles that helped us reduce
the size of our corporate footprint.