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Lucky Resources During COVID-19

We believe that relying on a community network to provide solidarity and strength is the secret to battling
even the most challenging of times. Welcome to #LuckyTogether, a content destination where helpful ideas,
encouragement, and conversations are celebrated and exchanged. We're glad you're here.

Giving Tuesday banner

Now is the time to make a difference. Join us this #GivingTuesday in our #LuckyTogether movement by
getting involved today and supporting one of our charity partners. We’re all in this together and can make a
valuable impact on the communities we live in and the people who need it most.

Support Our Community Partners

shower of hope
the shower of hope

The Shower of Hope provides showers, haircuts, and hygiene kits at 17 locations around L.A., and connect clients to valuable services and housing.

project ropa
Project Ropa

Project Ropa is a mobile hygiene service that restores dignity and empowers the lives of people experiencing homelessness by providing clean clothing, hygiene kits, and employment opportunities.

People Concern
People Concern

serves the most vulnerable unhoused members of our community, many of whom are aging and have underlying health conditions. The safety and well-being of their program participants, staff, and community are paramount during this crisis.

Delivering Good
Delivering Good

Support at the national level through Delivering Good, who works in hundreds of local communities nationwide, helping people who face the challenges of poverty every day. As we move forward, Delivering Good will use your support to provide people with essential items needed today and in the future.

Under the Bridges
Under the Bridges and on the Streets

is a 100% volunteer-runorganization that helps the homeless who are unable to access shelters and soup kitchens.

Urban Alchemy
Urban Alchemy

transforms people and urban spaces with respect and compassion to heal communities and cities. In Los Angeles, Urban Alchemy has been working to provide clean restrooms and showers for those in need.


Allison Charalambous & John Shinavier

John Shinavier, Founder and Executive Director of Under the Bridges and on the Streets, has rarely canceled a
volunteer event since formalizing the organization in ’93. That was until this past March when he advised his long time
loyal volunteers to stay home because “we are all vulnerable.” That hasn’t decreased the need for what John does,
handing out socks and sandwiches in dark corners of Los Angeles where public services and soup kitchens don’t reach.
For 27 years, John has ventured under the intersections of freeway overpasses and into manmade caves. He is
comfortable and confident in those forgotten areas and gives off a sense of peace to the people around him. “I’ve seen
more and more people break out of their fears as they [volunteer].” John calls this the “service,” a spark that comes
from the heart.

“We are still a very divided people, those that hide
and those that open their hearts and help.”

Allison Charalambous & John Shinavier

“The situation has gotten worse. People think of the homeless as ‘those people,’ when it could be any one of us on the
streets as well.” This risk has become all the more real since the health and economic crisis.”

“When the virus is behind us, the depressed economy will affect everyone. A recession for most of us will be vacations
canceled or loans taken out against homes. Even with landlords giving tenants a few more months to catch up on their
rent, a very large percentage of families will end up homeless.”

Today, on the new Giving Tuesday, we want to introduce you to John, his tireless organization, and administrative staff
who receive no compensation, serving solely through donations. If you are in a financial position to donate, please
consider Under the Bridges. You can also donate skills through grant writing, social activism, web development, and
social media marketing.


While our stores remain closed, other retailers are in need of associates across multiple sectors
including our sister brand SAS, part of Leonard Green and Partners.

If you are looking for job opportunities during this time we encourage you to use this resource
provided by the National Retail Federation as well as the  SAS Career Site


New Fashion is celebrating its 42nd year in Los Angeles, but amidst the COVID-19 crisis, they are no longer producing
denim and fashion apparel. After being forced to furlough 90% of his staff within 24 hours of ‘Safer at Home’ measures,
owner Bobby Ahn retooled his facility and has become an essential business by producing masks and gowns.

This has allowed him to rehire 36 of his employees, who feel a new sense of purpose and relief to be working and
contributing to the greater good. If Bobby can get his factory’s mask and gown capacity up, he may be able to bring
back all his employees plus more within 2 to 3 weeks.

Here at Lucky Brand, we are honored to be part of the journey with Bobby and the New Fashion team making
non-medical masks. And we are excited to offer protective masks to our customers and community to slow the spread.



Adept sewers, the Technical Design Team transform our Designer’s ideas into garments by day, and now by night
transform Lucky bandanas into cloth face masks. In order to maintain appropriate social distancing, Senior Director,
Sharon King assembled take home kits of supplies for each volunteer, which included thread from Coats and A&E.
Anthony Casalena even ordered a sewing machine for the effort! Cathy Luong recruited her family to help. And Jodie
Pearsall took out her sewing machine to make masks first, while unpacking her new house. The Team’s first shipment
of masks have gone to Children’s Hospital.


lucky brand associates making masks
lucky brand associates making masks
lucky brand associates making masks
lucky brand associate making masks
lucky brand associates making masks
lucky brand associates making masks


lucky together
lucky together
lucky together
lucky together

We are in this together. Join our community, choose to share inspiration and spread positivity today. #LuckyTogether