Black Label for Men

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Lucky Brand Black Label for Men

Bob Dylan. Marlon Brando. Johnny Cash. James Dean. These larger than life figures are the inspiration behind Lucky Brand's Black Label for men. Crafted with classic materials and incorporating unexpected modern details, this collection's tribute to the time is in the construction as well as the look with Black Label clothing for men.

Every piece in this collection is directly inspired by an era-accurate vintage piece in the hands of our design team. Black Label clothes for men are as durable as they are stylish. Capture the rebellious spirit of the open road with one of the premium leather jackets or experience the rugged nature of World War era military culture with one of the service surplus inspired pieces.

Aged through a special distressing process to reflect the functional aesthetic of vintage apparel, Black Label jackets have a timeless feel. Celebrate American legends with the exclusive Black Label Men collection.