Boyfriend Jeans for Women

Laid-back style inspired by his side of the closet.

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Lucky Brand Boyfriend Jeans for Women

Slip into a new look with an attractive pair of jeans from Lucky Brand.

Pulled from Your BF's Dresser

Shop this impressive line of chic boyfriend jeans for women from Lucky Brand, and discover a pair that looks like it was plucked right out of your main squeeze's dresser. One of the most popular new trends in denim, boyfriend jeans have a slightly oversized, lived-in look. Put simply, they look like they've been worn and broken in, in all the right places. The result is a relaxed fit that's looser in the leg, and often features exaggerated crease lines around the hips and tasteful fraying around the cuffs and/or knees. They're ideal casual wear that can easily be dressed up for a lunch at that boutique café or a date at the movies.

If your closet is full of skinny jeans, try mixing it up with a new style. At Lucky Brand, you'll find some of the best fitting boyfriend jeans, in terms of both looks and feel, on the market today. Made from durable denim that's also soft to the touch, you may find they are the most comfortable pair of jeans you've ever owned. Find an array of different washes in this collection. Select a distressed pair and add a little rockstar attitude to your wardrobe. Browse a variety of designs, too, including shorts and overalls.

Adaptable Casual Jeans

You'll find stylish boyfriend jeans from this collection are ideal for wear in a number of social settings. Whether you're having a family over on your day off or catching up with friends at a bonfire on the beach, you'll find these unique jeans are up to the task. Like all apparel from Lucky Brand, boyfriend-style jeans in this line are influenced by West Coast vibes, Western tradition, and modern sensibilities. Drawing inspiration from all of these diverse sources leads to creating clothing that's familiar and relaxed, but also vivacious, and capable of standing out in a crowd.

Stop stealing your guy's favorite pair of jeans. Take home a pair of boyfriend blue jeans from this line, and have a fabulous relaxed-fit garment to call your own. Shop today and discover denim that's versatile and hip.