High Waisted Shorts

Lucky Brand High Waisted Shorts

In this collection of high waisted shorts from Lucky Brand, you'll find the perfect bottoms for endless summer fun. When the days start to heat up, you need a quality pair of shorts. High waisted denim shorts from this line are made from fine materials. They're durable and soft to the touch, and with proper care, will retain their brilliantly tailored fit for years. Whether you're headed to the beach for an afternoon in the sun or taking a stroll through town with your friends, you'll find this inspired apparel pairs easily with your favorite shirts and blouses.

Denim high waisted shorts from Lucky Brand are created with a mix of Californian vibes and modern attitude. These remarkable bottoms are available in a range of eye-catching hues, including a classic blue jean wash. Enjoy your vacation or day off with amazing people, pleasant weather, and women's high waisted shorts from this selection.