Khaki Pants for Men Men's Pants

Lucky Brand Khaki Pants for Men Men's Pants

From the sun rising over that packed commuter train, to a festive spring wedding on the nicest day of the year, you'll look amazing and feel comfortable in brilliantly designed khaki pants for men from Lucky Brand. Crafted in California and inspired by both traditional Western fashion and chic modern sensibility, you'll find men's khaki pants from this line are handsome, well-made, and a complete joy to wear.

Whether you're teaching your first discussion as an adjunct professor, burning the midnight oil at that hip start up, or just looking for incredible bottoms for a hot date, men's casual khaki pants from this collection are adaptable garments that will work well with a range of personal styles.

Men's beige pants from Lucky Brand are manufactured from choice materials. They are durable, great-fitting and soft to the touch. Easy to care for, they'll retain their attractive form for years to come. Take home a versatile pair of new pants today.