Leather Belts

Lucky Brand Leather Belts
If you're going for that laid back and effortlessly fashionable California look, chic Lucky Brand leather belts are absolute must-haves. Our original collection of trendy yet traditional women's leather belts features colorful classics, edgy solids and ah-so-real embroidery so you can quickly and easily finish off any stylish look.

Supple and rich leather molds to your shape for the perfect fit every time. Varying widths allow you to personalize your outfit. Impeccable craftsmanship ensures you can enjoy your leather belt season after season of style. Explore different patterns like a romantic floral embroidery, funky geometric stamp, ethnic mixes, paisley tools and more.

A chic belt seamlessly cinches in a loose dress to show off your waistline. Tuck in a draped tee or button down in the front to showcase an authentic belt. Mix and match colors and patterns for a versatile and fun wardrobe. Check out Lucky Brand leather belts for women.