Leather Handbags

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Lucky Brand Leather Handbags

Add rich texture and undeniable polish to practically any look with chic leather handbags from Lucky Brand. Enjoy premium quality natural materials in this stylish collection of handbags, showing off inspired details such as gleaming metallic hardware, intricate embroidered accents, and fun fringe embellishments.

Choose designer leather handbags in versatile neutral shades, or deliver a pop of color to a time tested look with a leather bag in a brilliant jewel tone. These bags are available in a range of silhouettes and sizes so you have the perfect option for every occasion. Team a leather handbag with a pair of boots or flats in a coordinating color to create a cohesive look, or add layers of visual interest with textured materials such as knit and canvas.

The best leather handbags to unlock the potential of your everyday ensembles are in stock at Lucky Brand.