Mens Christmas Pajamas

Lucky Brand Mens Christmas Pajamas

Whether you're dozing off on Christmas Eve or discovering the perfect gift under the tree the following morning, Lucky Brand men's Christmas pajamas will keep you warm and comfortable. When the temperature starts to drop and the days get short it means only one thing: The holidays are right around the corner. Men's holiday pajamas will help you stay festive and get a great night's sleep.

Lucky Brand Christmas pajamas for men are made for hanging around the house during the day and catching up on sleep at night.

Holiday lounge pants from Lucky Brand are perfect for wrapping presents, binge watching TV, sipping egg nog on the couch and watching the big game. Stay warm while the heat kicks in. 100% cotton lounge pants feature an elastic drawstring waist for a perfect fit, even after you've downed that giant Christmas dinner. With men's Christmas pajamas from Lucky Brand, you can stay active during the day and enjoy restful sleep at night.