Lucky Brand Men's Pants

Find the right men's pants for your lifestyle at Lucky Brand. Upgrading your pants is a great way to make your entire wardrobe look and feel more modern and stylish than ever. Whether it's a pair of dressy bottoms or more casual duds, styles have taken a turn to a more refined, streamlined silhouette that stands out in the crowd. Find the best pants for men of all ages here. These mens pants are made to last.

For the office, look to twill pants and slacks. It's all about comfort and ease with this array of suit pants and chinos. These are the versatile pants for men that work with everything from button-up shirts to sweaters. They're year-round picks that simply work. These pants sit at the waist and boast a flat front for a polished look that's comfortable and cool. The straight leg openings look modern, but timeless, and work over many different types of shoes, including boots, loafers and dress shoes. This gives you plenty of versatility when choosing any of these stylish pants. When it comes to bottoms always start with the essentials like black, navy and grey. These are the go-to shades that will work every year, in every season.

When it's time to add to your wardrobe of basic pants, go for color that's still neutral, but stands out. That means chambray blue, rust and olive. These are the new neutrals that work with print button-up shirts of all types, including plaid and checked pattern shirts. They also go with sports coats in navy or grey, but let you still don a look that will set you apart from the rest. You know you want variety in your closet, so why not start with the bottoms you reach for every day? By bringing color into the fold you're sure to bring a cool new zest to your every day wardrobe that's sure to make you a fashion plate among your co-workers and friends. Don't be surprised when they turn to you for your opinion on a new purchase.