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Shorts for Boys

Shorts for Boys
When the heat is on, he wants to be able to move and play in comfort with shorts for boys from Lucky Brand.

Boys' Shorts Are A Staple

Shop cool shorts for boys from Lucky Brand and get him ready for the warm weather. It's all about finding casual duds that are easy to throw on and go when the sun's out. It may be a mild spring or the height of summer, either way it's essential for him to have shorts that fit comfortably and move with his body. These waist bands never dig into the body and sit flat, allowing him to run, jump and make the most of playtime outdoors. Cotton shorts are easy to care for and can take the wear and tear of an active child. Twill shorts are perfect for a dinner out on vacation, but have the casual versatility kids need. Colors like grey, brown and army green are easy to pair with graphic tees representing his favorite sports team or favorite cartoon characters.

For a road trip, pack a few pairs of shorts, tees and swim trunks (if needed) and he's set for the entire trip in minutes. If the family is headed somewhere with crisp summer nights, always be sure to pack a long-sleeved tee or add a hoodie into the bag so he's comfortable when perusing the beach with family and friends after the sun goes down.

Comfort Rules For Kids Clothes

Shorts boys need are low maintenance and durable. Soft cotton, twill fabrics and denim round out the collection of boys' shorts essentials. They're the go-to garment during downtime, so be sure he's stocked up with several pairs. Kids play, get dirty and sometimes change twice in a day. Shorts are easy for him to wear with almost everything including the occasional button-up plaid shirt or utilitarian-inspired button-up. He'll look stylish and be at ease in any of these cool shorts. As kids get older, shorts are one of the few items that often last more than a year since length is not a factor. Invest in the must-haves he needs like these versatile shorts from Lucky.