Summer Hats for Men

Lucky Brand Summer Hats for Men
Choose true and classic Americana style with Lucky Brand summer hats for men. Each modern yet timeless hat boasts quality construction and original design so you can be fresh, fun and fashionable all season long. Whether you're relaxing by the pool, rocking volleyball on the beach, hitting the golf course or just doing yard work, our collection of men's summer hats has the laid-back California feel you want.

Varying washes, colors and textures allow you to show off your personal look. Distressed blacks, grays, blues and creams look great in casual settings. Adjustable straps give you the most comfortable and personalized fit possible. Check out our self-assured and chic summer caps for men with patches and logos like motorcycles, bears, professional sports teams and more.

100% cotton construction makes care and cleaning easy for fresh and fit looks all summer long. Discover effortless style with Lucky Brand men's summer caps.