Utility Jacket

Lucky Brand Utility Jacket
A hot look that shows no sign of slowing is the all purpose utility jacket, a light pullover top that replaces the windbreaker as an add-on piece that doubles as a style statement. The classic look is the green utility jacket which features an olive Army green heavy duty fabric in a sleeveless or sleeved style.

Great to pull on over most outfits, utility jackets add a layer of warmth along with hip style. You'll see them often paired with jeans and pants but also with skirts and dresses for an interesting juxtaposition. The most popular utility jackets nip in at the waist and may include a drawstring to achieve some shape and show off curves.

These jackets come in a variety of fabrics including denim, and offer variations with neckline, zippers and pockets. Some even include a hood. For pure wearability, it's hard to find a more ideal jacket.