Velvet Dresses

We are running out of velvet dresses, but here is a selection of other products that may interest you.

Lucky Brand Velvet Dresses

Liven up your visual impact with velvet styles at Lucky Brand.

A Luxurious Look

The rich patina and vintage style allure of velvet has made it a go to choice in the most sartorially savvy wardrobes for generations, and you can amp up the visual appeal of your most time tested looks with velvet dresses from the latest selection at Lucky Brand. Enjoy the premium feel of these alluring silhouettes, rendered in a range of distinctive profiles to set your personal style apart at a glance. Every piece in this special selection of styles is infused with the finest garment dyes available so their high impact shades and hypnotic sheen endures in your rotation for seasons to come. Unlock the full potential of your aesthetic by adding women's velvet dresses from the latest collection at Lucky Brand to your everyday rotation.

Ensconced in Everyday Elegance

To the uninitiated, velvet can seem like an intimidating material to get the most from in everyday wear, but adding this luxurious material to your look is an easy way to elevate your aesthetic. Build memorable looks from the workplace to the weekend with the chic collection of velvet attire options now available at Lucky Brand. Velvet pieces in rich gem shades such as deep claret red or midnight navy are ideal platforms for putting together a distinctive look. Choosing velvet tops and dresses in reliable neutrals such as jet black or charcoal grey makes this material even easier to integrate into your wardrobe. Playing off the decadent visual texture of this refined material is a tried and true way to maximize the impact it makes, and you can contrast the polished feel of velvet with handbags and footwear in a more rugged material such as waxed canvas or full grain leather to create more depth in your look. Velvet is also outstanding for showcasing the glimmering shine of jewelry metals, with shimmering silver showcasing the best aspects of a cool color palette, and gleaming gold pieces highlighting the warmth in more saturated shades. Give your look an instant dose of fabulous flair with the latest selection of styles available at Lucky Brand.