Womens Multi Colored Belts

Lucky Brand Womens Multi Colored Belts

A stylish belt can instantly pump up the appeal of your most time tested ensembles, and Lucky Brand has a special collection of women's multi colored belts designed to add subtle flair to your look. A colorful belt can coordinate with your most attention grabbing statement accessories to tie together an eclectic ensemble.

These belts are made with rich premium leather, so you can enjoy the impact they make season after season. A belt can be placed at multiple levels of your midsection to add shape and definition anywhere along your silhouette. Try accenting your aesthetic with a multicolored belt at the hips, around the waist or even under the bust for an attractive streamlining effect.

A wide belt can be easily integrated into a range of contemporary looks, while a patterned belt in a slimmer profile can add a confident touch to both casual and more polished wear. Discover the possibilities of patterned belts for women at Lucky Brand.