Here at Lucky we believe the perfect outfit begins with denim, and the perfect jean begins with fit. Our Sculpt-ed
and Advanced Stretch jeans from the Fall Denim Collection integrate sustainable fabrics and innovative
technologies into your favorite styles for a natural fit and help you feel as good as you look.

women's sculpt-ed denim men's advanced stretch

sculpt-ed series

Our Sculpt-ed jeans truly live up to their name with
a built-in technology that sculpts your figure.
Woven in a unique blend to enhance your curves,
the Lycra content lifts, shapes, and never bags out,
while our eco-friendly TENCELâ„¢ material made from
eucalyptus trees offers a perfectly natural feel.
Now you can look good while doing good.

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advanced stretch

Make moves in our Advanced Stretch jeans with a
flexible fabric that never loses its shape thanks to its
specially woven recovery fibers. Our modern stretch
material technology lets you do whatever you want,
wherever you go.

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A Natural Fit

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Women's Sculpt-ed Denim