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Tell us about the acoustics and the areas you chose to perform – how did
the landscape influence your performance?

I chose to sing the song "Call It Dreaming" which imagines finding a physical place
where all your emotional needs are met - its actually a very interior kind of song so I
thought it might be fun to perform it in such an overwhelming exterior kind of place -
the song Andrew and I did together is called "Upward Over the Mountain" because
I'm a firm admirer of serendipity when it decides to pop up every now and then - I
believe if someone has a song named "Upward Over the Mountain" and they're
offered a chance to perform it in a beautiful national park in front of an enormous
mountain then they shouldn't turn it down.

Let them talk about acoustics – Why did you choose Cathedral Beach?
How did the surrounding landscape influence your performance?

One of the areas had been burned by fire but these great big ferns and other plants
had already started to spring up and establish themselves amonf the black
branches and ashes - the space was very quiet but the sight of it all just shouted about
devastation and rejuvenation in the same breath - I wouldn't go as far as to say that I
was singing to the ferns but if someone were to press me about it, then wouldn't say
that I wasn't either.

If there's one thing people take away from watching your performance,
what do you hope that is?

I always hope they like the sound and I hope they're interested in what I'm singing
about, maybe it makes them think of their own lives in some way - or I guess
depending on what kind of life they have, maybe help them to stop thinking of their
lives for a moment!

Your work is at once similar and totally different–what do you like about
working together and what's unique about your collaboration?

Something that always strikes me about Andrew is his innate musicality, he's just
always so effortlessly sonorous to my ears! As both a player and a listener, his
virtuosity is matched by his sensitivity and that's very empowering and inspiring -
the best kind of collaborator!