Brown Belts

Lucky Brand Brown Belts
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Brown Belts for Everyday Wear

The right accessories can give your favorite looks an instant dose of visual appeal. Establish and expand your signature style with a men's brown belt from the updated inventory at Lucky Brand. These quality essentials bring your outfits a touch of rugged appeal, making their mark on slacks, chinos, jeans, and even shorts. The belts that make up this special collection are made with durable, long lasting leather so they retain the look you love long term. They also feature distinctive details such as embossed patterns, woven panels, and metallic hardware to lend even the most understated ensemble a degree of effortless refinement. These belts are fully adjustable, so they make outstanding gifts for any occasion and will make an impact on practically any man's wardrobe for years to come. Shop the selection of styles at Lucky Brand to discover new possibilities for your existing wardrobe pieces.

Neutral Belt Possibilities

When your most time tested looks could use a breath of fresh air, start with the great selection of brown belts for men now arriving at Lucky Brand. Belts provide a defining line at the waist, breaking up monochromatic combinations and adding visual depth to create a distinctive look. A brown belt can be paired with other attire elements in a complementary shade, such as shoes or a watch strap, to create a more cohesive aesthetic. You can also maximize the impact of metallic hardware such as tie clips, shoe eyelets, and glasses frames by matching gleaming golden tones or shimmering silver pieces to the buckle of your belt. Wide belts make a statement with more relaxed silhouettes, and thinner belts can offer a polished ensemble an even more put together feel.

Whether you're set for a casual afternoon of fun with friends, a day at the office, or an intimate evening affair, you can trust that your outfit will look its best with one of these stylish designer belts. Upgrade your everyday wardrobe options with the exclusive assortment of men's belt brown leather staples now in stock at Lucky Brand.